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Get Your Fall Wedding Started In One Fell Swoop!

From getting your invitations out to picking the perfect dress - there’s no time to waste if you’re planning a fall wedding. Check our list of seasonal must-haves and more!

Time to cash in your tax refund and roll out the red carpet, because as things begin opening back up we’re going to see an influx of wedding ceremonies! The bridal industry is predicting vendors to be booked solid in the coming months as brides and grooms make a run for the altar after putting their plans on hold for the past year. With spring and summer venues already sold out we know lots of couples are looking to the fall to hold their weddings. Even with all of the last minute planning going on, it’s never too late to hop on trend or keep things timeless with an elegant autumn reception.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and patience. Wedding invitations are just the start of this magnificent journey. A wedding invitation is a very personal and meaningful way to invite those you care about the most. Sure, there are e-cards nowadays which make it simple for your guests to click an “RSVP” button and call it a day. Although, wires can get crossed and some may miss the wedding e-vite entirely or simply forget to respond. Now with that being said, yes we love the traditional wedding invitation, and there are many reasons as to why…

Physical Piece of Mail Wedding Invite

First, a physical piece of mail for such an elaborate and special day is very symbolic and meaningful to both the couple and their guests. I mean, who doesn’t love to stare at the carefully curated wedding invitations on their fridge waiting for the exciting celebration to come? Nowadays, with DIY wedding invitations and unique Etsy orders, there are tons of ways you can create the perfect wedding invites and RSVPs.

Save the Date, Self Addressed & Stamped

Traditionally, wedding invitations are worded in a very particular way. Here are a few tips from our team at Lasting Love Bridal:

• The layout of the invitation should start with: “Together with their families, we invite you to share this special day with” – OR – you can opt to use the parents’ name on both sides of the bride and groom-to-be as the group who is inviting the guests.

• Do you want to use your full names? Add an initial? Are you okay with Mr. and Ms. or perhaps adding Dr. to the beginning of the name? This is totally up to you, but make sure it flows with both the bride and groom-to-be.

• The Date & Time is usually spelled out, traditionally. You can use numbers as well if you prefer or if it goes better with the invitation’s spacing and with the particular font.

• Specify if there will be a reception or dinner and dancing afterward. This gives parents plenty of time to plan a night out and get a babysitter if needed. Those coming in from out of town can also coordinate how long their trip or hotel stay will be.

• Will there be a dress code at the wedding? It depends on your wedding style or if you have the reception in a more traditional or religious location. Make sure to share those details with your guests on the invitation.

• Always add the full address on the wedding invitation as GPS may have errors.

Save the Date / RSVPs should be self-addressed and stamped as this will make it easier for your guests to return them to you. We advise you to send out the wedding invites at least 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding date. Plus, it gives you plenty of time to count the number of guests and start planning the seating chart.

Last but not least, you should go with your intuition. These are just a few tips for the traditional wedding invitation. You can go ahead and alter the wording, font, and style according to your personality and style.

Wedding Wax Sealer Stamp

As mentioned above, we definitely love the DIY and Etsy-made wedding invitations. Not only are they fun to make for those who love to get crafty, but having a unique touch to such a special invitation for the big day is simply mesmerizing. Here are a few of our favorite 2021 wedding invitation trends:

  1. Keep it simple and budget-friendly with this Rue Type of Wedding Invitation from Zola.
  2. For the couples who have a theatre background, are movie buffs, or perhaps it was love at first sight at a music concert, this Vintage Theatre Ticket Wedding Invitation is genuinely adorable.
  3. Minimalist style with a ribbon on top, that’s the summary of this elegant Etsy wedding invite.
  4. The Forrest Crest Wedding Invitation from Minted features a unique design of leaves and ferns printed on luxe paper.
  5. We recommend this gorgeous invite from Margo and Bees for a more refined and classic wedding invitation, including a vintage-style wax seal.

Party Favors for the Rehearsal Dinner

Of course, all of these wedding invitation ideas are not the final product. There are plenty of ways to change the color, type of paper, font, and more with just a few clicks. We hope that our tips have helped you decide which invitation style will make the final round for your special day, because once the invites are out it’s time to move on to the dress!

On To Our Autumn Look-Book: Hyped Up Fashion For Fall Nuptials

Bridal Dress Libby at a Carousel

This year there are a lot of great comebacks, as we've already seen in 2021, crushed velvets and bold shoulders have walked the runway, as the new wedding wardrobe is fun and colorful. From ready to wear and Haute Couture collections, there’s been an unforgettable return of the Roaring 20s - looks include Great Gatsby like feathers and 1950s necklines. The trends go beyond lines and fabric, chic new styles have emerged in color tones and dress length; we’re talking bold shoulders and ruffled maxi dresses!

Lasting Love Bridal Collection Looks To Set Any Bride Apart This Fall

Bridal Dress Luna for the Versatile Bride

Dress Luna is made for the versatile bride. This dress can transform into two very different wedding day looks. Luna takes a new and refreshing spin on the traditional bridal veil. She comes with a detachable chiffon cape that doubles as a chapel length train. That is one of two looks this dress provides; the second look this dress captures when the detachable cape is removed is a beautiful backless fitted gown. The dress itself is a standalone with its hand-sewn sequin detailing, which gives the dress a fine texture almost mimicking a lace pattern.

Bridal Dress Luca Sophisticated Couture

Sophisticated couture is what dress Luca brings to the bridal market. This dress embodies the ideas of a strong, confident, empowered bride. With its bold shoulders and delicate details, it encompasses the perfect fall wedding gown. Even though this gown is not the traditional wedding gown, we expect to see this tea-length unconventional dress trend become big through next year.

Bridal Dress Lorelai on a Merry-Go-Round

The perfect A-Line for a fall wedding: Lorelai takes a modern spin on a classic tulle a-line. Some of the 2021 fall wedding colors are reflecting sunset colors as well as rust and terracotta. Part of Lorelai’s modern take is that she is not in the traditional ivory or white wedding gown colors, she comes in a beautiful soft beige color. This dress continues to surprise with her removable off-the-shoulder straps. The simplicity and clean lines of this dress add a level of sophistication and elegance that every bride needs for her wedding day.

Bridal Dress Leilani Getting Out of the Limo

Look out for the soft and romantic stylings of dress Leilani this fall. There are so many unique features when it comes to this dress; from the delicate chantilly lace to the bohemian flowy sleeves. We love this dress for a fall wedding especially with the scalloped lace trimmed open back.

Bridesmaids Rule The Aisle In Style With Our Mix & Match Collection

Bridesmaid Dress Malia Plunging V-neck Bohemian

Dress Malia features a beautiful plunging v-neck with bohemian style flowy sleeves and is finished with a side leg slit. The sheer material will look great captured on camera as autumn wind gusts roll in!

Bridesmaid Dress Sascha Bold Shoulder and Sophistication

Looking for a bridesmaid dress with a bold shoulder and sophistication, dress Sascha is the perfect gown for you. This bridesmaid dress is a faux wrap gown, meaning it looks as if it wraps to a certain focal point on the empire waistline. This is an ultra-flattering fit, but there’s so much more to mention about this dress. It also has bold sleeves with ruffles that continue throughout the whole gown. This dress also has a front slit that adds a hint of sexiness to an otherwise classic bridesmaid dress. Although the front in itself is a masterpiece, the back shines in its simplicity as the ruffle from the sleeve follows on the sides of dress Sascha’s backless V to the waistline.

Bridesmaid Dress Mallory Off-the-Shoulder Fitted Empire-Waist

Not all empire waist dresses have to be flowy, dress Mallory is a great example of this. This gown is an off-the-shoulder fitted empire waist gown. Its fit adds a level of sophistication that is perfect for a formal wedding. This style could also easily be worn again as a formal gown for another event. Who doesn’t love a dress you can use for multiple occasions?

Bridesmaid Dress Autumn Knee-Length Flowy Ruffled-Chiffon

What could be more perfect for a fall wedding than a dress named Autumn? Besides having a name that describes the season, this knee-length bridesmaid dress also has an elegant lace halter top with an empire waistline and a flowy ruffled chiffon skirt.

Bridesmaid Dress Ashley Floor-Length Flattering Neckline-Halter

Ashley takes a modern take on a classic ruffled style. This floor-length chiffon bridesmaid dress starts with a flattering halter neckline with ruffles delicately outlining the sides of the top. Dress Ashley is the perfect dress for a formal evening wedding or a casual outdoor venue.

Last But Not Least: There’s More To Love This Fall

Invitations are out and fall themes are in! Here’s a few more tips we have to season up your wedding and get you ready to walk down the aisle. After all, what’s more important than the best day of your life? At LLB we’re here to help you every step of the way because it’s those special moments we share with you that makes it all worthwhile.

Bridal Dress in the Kitchen

Take Things Outside For Social Distancing

Colorado and Vermont are our top picks for experiencing foliage, but even if you can’t swing a destination wedding you can still enjoy the great outdoors. Nothing beats saying “I do” under a canopy of stars. Keeping things outside will also allow you more flexibility with pandemic restrictions. Don’t forget, it’s hard to go wrong with a bright and bold color scheme to match the leaves on the ground! Autumn hues come in a variety of shades and LLB has colors to coordinate while keeping you under budget, affording you first class tickets to the top of Aspen Mountain!

Fabric Swatches Burgundy Peach and Moss

Spice Things Up With Accessories!

Elevate your style by adding warm touches to your bridal party. It’s easy to pair faux fur shawls with ball gowns to get that seasonal look. Another idea to give your wedding flair is using local seasonal flowers in you or your bridesmaid’s hair. Accessories also extend beyond the bridal party and can be incorporated into your decor; give your wedding a personal touch with handmade signs.

Eat Drink and Be Married

Give Your Reception That Warm After Glow!

Candles brighten any mood; it’s a simple and cost effective way to give your reception a cozy feel. Nothing is more inviting than a table setting that reminds your guests of the best things in life. Using scented candles also adds to the sensory feel and smelling them later will remind you of your special day. Take your theme up a notch with a warm fire and mulled wine so you and your beau won’t be the only ones feeling the love. Not everything has to be over the top to be romantic, elegance can be achieved with a few lighting tricks.

Wedding Reception Party Introduction

Good Luck & Cheers To The Future Wedding Ceremony!