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Navigating Wedding Planning During COVID-19

Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ that COVID-19 has brought has not been easy. For those of us planning one of the biggest days of our lives amidst so many other unknowns this has been especially difficult. Globally, couples are facing additional obstacles and learning to pivot each and every day as things change. Wedding events worldwide are being postponed, many of them are also being cancelled for the safety of all involved.

While it seems like there will never be a safe time to celebrate, we want you to all know that we are here for you, and would love to provide a few resources that you may find helpful in navigating these uncertain times. It is okay to feel sad about having to make major changes to your big day. Thousands of couples are also going through what you are going through, so we put together a small list of some solutions we found helpful in navigating your 2020 wedding planning in a COVID-19 world.

Partner With The Right Wedding Planner

If you do have the budget to work with a wedding planner, make sure you are working with someone who can be flexible and savvy with their planning! Many vendors should be well adjusted to taking all meetings via Zoom, FaceTime or any other online conferencing program by now, and so should your planner. With the exception of a few steps like taste testing food, so much of your wedding planning can be handled via video calls, and your planner should have no problem coordinating everything. It will ensure a lot less stress for you and your partner throughout the planning process.

Have You Heard of A Minimony?

Our friends from The Knot break down what a Minimony is! A minimony is a mini ceremony held with your loved ones, or simply a moment of commitment shared between yourselves. You have up to 10 of your closest loved ones to this intimate ceremony which many couples have been opting for. Some even make plans for a future bigger wedding and choose to celebrate their minimony on the date of their original wedding day!

This is also a great way to take beautiful wedding photos to commemorate this special day and share with loved ones who could not attend.

Plan For A Smaller Guest Lists

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, group gatherings should be restricted to less than 50 persons, while federal guidelines propose no more than 10. As venues, restaurants, hotels, etc. slowly start opening back up, this doesn’t necessarily mean people are comfortable venturing back out. If you are moving forward with your wedding in 2020 and want to do more than a minimony, we recommend following CDC guidelines and limiting your guest list to under 50 people, while choosing a venue to keep those guests socially distant.

Keep Your Guests Informed

Leading up to your big day, whether it be via your wedding website, or some other form of communication, be sure to advise your guests on proper dress attire… and we don’t mean formal vs. casual. Your guests should know to wear masks and maintain social distance, but reinforcing this rule as part of your communication to them will help them remember and maybe even plan their day. Some guests might want to be sure their face mask matches their outfit for example! Offering other details to ease their mind could also be very helpful. For example, will hand sanitizer be available on site, will there be temperature checks, how will food be served? The more information you can provide your guests ahead of time, the more at ease they will feel in attendance.

Think of Creative Wedding Favors

Candles or cookies with your wedding date are nice party favors sure, but to make your guests feel more at ease in their environment, why not provide useful favors that can be used on the spot? Trade up the custom cookies for custom face masks with your wedding hashtag, or bottled mini hand sanitizer with custom labels! Your guest will sure appreciate your thoughtfulness in keeping them safe so they can enjoy the night away!

All in all, most couples who insist on getting married in 2020 are adjusting their plans tremendously. With a limited number of guests allowed (or willing) to attend, and having to reimagine things like safe seating arrangements, social distance wedding planning and more, there is no doubt that it’s not an easy task to achieve. However, we know one thing is for sure… more than anything, people won’t take one second of celebrating for granted. We wish the best for all newly engaged couples out there!