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Spring 2021 Wedding Trends

Whether you had to postpone your wedding to 2021, or you are opting for a micro-wedding this year due to the global pandemic, there sure are a lot of creative ways to celebrate your special day. This time has been challenging for many of us in different aspects of our lives, but one thing is for sure – love always triumphs!

Intimate Weddings via Festive Brides
Image via Festival Brides

We have seen it all (mostly online) for 2020 creative wedding trends throughout the year. Some couples decided to keep it small and private, while others asked family and guests to social distance or wear cute embroidered masks for the main event. Here are some of our top picks and predictions for Spring 2021 Wedding Trends.

Minimalist Wedding Style 2021

Not only are we talking about wardrobe hare, but different times call for other traditions. Or different wedding trends, shall we say. Private wedding vows are becoming trendier each month! This means that only you and your spouse are at the altar with a priest or wedding officiant and two witnesses. We recently drove by Beverly Hills City Hall one quiet Sunday morning. We got to spot a couple, alone, in front of an officiant and a photographer at a distance getting married outside of the courthouse. It was super romantic as there were so many roses surrounding the courtyard. Plus, this is the ultimate public display of affection.

Beverly Hills City Hall Wedding

No need to make speeches or say your vows in front of anyone else. It can be relaxed and informal. Perhaps you can still meet a small wedding party afterward at a different destination.

Charitable Weddings in 2021

The past year has taught us to be thankful for the smaller things in life. It’s safe to say that with more time spent at home, many of us have realized that there are many ways we can help the less fortunate. A new wedding trend, which we predict will stay in 2021, is donating to charity. Instead of a honeymoon fund, some couples opt to pick a cause of their choice and ask their guests to donate there instead politely.

For those looking for charitable causes to donate to, this is the perfect time to do research. Not only do we have more time for it, but we can also learn more from ourselves and from our soon to be spouses. This can have a profound effect on the world who needs us more than ever right now.

Upcycling Your Wedding in 2021

More and more couples are opting for an environmentally friendly wedding. From ditching plastic straws for paper ones (or none at all), there are various ways to help the environment. A wedding party is no exception. There can be so much waste generated from one wedding party alone. The ideas are endless, from recycled paper for wedding invitations to vintage wedding rings and locally sourced flowers. We can be eco-friendly and support local businesses and save some money in the process.

We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings for the newlyweds around the globe. Cheers!