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Our Favorite Spring Tropical Wedding Looks | Feat. SoCal Florist Hakus and Love!

Spring is officially here! Although Southern California gets praised for its wonderful weather year-round, it definitely has its temperature drops. As the sun starts to set later in the evening and it stays warmer longer, the wedding bells get busier.

Our favorite spring tropical wedding looks for 2021 are absolutely refreshing. After what seems like a super long hibernation from social events and normal outings, a tropical-themed wedding would be the perfect way to celebrate in 2021 with vivid colors from food to drinks and decor.

Tropical Wedding Looks for Bridesmaids

First things first, what should the bridesmaids wear for a tropical wedding theme? A flowy dress definitely comes to mind, like this delicate piece called Dress Stella. This gorgeous gown features darling straps at the shoulders creates a one of a kind look. Lucky for you, the gown is also available in 42 different colors, which means that you can perfectly match your tropical wedding theme decor.

Next up on the list is the immaculate Dress Nancy. This gown includes a cut-out shoulder design which adds flair to the sheer sleeves. The spaghetti straps keep you fresh throughout the day or night festivities. We love the extra flair at the sleeves, adding that tropical glam for the tropical wedding theme,

Finally, the intriguing Dress Sascha features a layered skirt from the waist down, which opens up at the bottom. The design at the top remains voluminous and fresh – perfect for the tropical ensemble of bridesmaids who will be walking with you down the aisle on such a special occasion.

Tropical Theme Wedding Decor 2021

Tropical wedding decor is one of our utmost favorites here at Lasting Love Bridal. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it’s also memorable. You can keep the decor minimal and eco-friendly by using sustainable and reusable items. We definitely sense lots of green for the ultimate tropical wedding decor, from monstera plants attached to the bouquet and each centerpiece to pineapple-filled cocktails and tiki torches at every entrance. The sky's the limit! When it comes to wedding invitation designs, try to incorporate some bamboo, green leaves, tropical flowers, and fruits into the final product. If you plan a tropical-themed wedding indoors at a local venue, adding sand at the photo-booth will teleport you and your guests into that oceanside mentality. Using bamboo and natural decor will not only make it smell fresh but will also revitalize the entire indoor space to make it feel like you’re truly in a tropical paradise.

Destination Wedding Spring 2021

Are you planning a destination wedding in 2021? Or for others, a local beach wedding might be the dream wedding plan this Spring. Nonetheless, a tropical theme is definitely the way to go. Adding sunglasses to the reception area before the ceremony would be a great idea to help keep all your guests comfortable throughout the day’s festivities. A little bit of sunblock and mini chapsticks could also help those who forgot to bring the essentials for a day out in the sun.

No matter how large or small your wedding reception will be this spring, a tropical theme wedding is by far one of the most beautiful wedding themes that stays true to its colorful and fun reputation.

Hakus and Love | Tropical Bridal Florals

Local Spotlight: Florals by Hakus & Love

Recently, our team had the pleasure of connecting with a few local businesses in Orange County to put together a fun Spring photoshoot! We knew we wanted a tropical theme to celebrate the start of spring, so when we stumbled across the instagram page of Hakus and Love, we were so excited to collaborate!

Hakus & Love is an Orange-County based floral business owned by Valerie, who started this small business in 2017. Learn more about how she turned her passion for florals and hula into the thriving business that it is today!

Does your website have a business? www.hakusandlove.com
Instagram account: @hakusandlove
Best way to inquire with you about your services? My website for sure!
What areas do you service? Orange County, LA County, San Diego County. I offer delivery and domestic shipping!

How did your beautiful business bloom into what it is today?

Lots of hard work and practice! I put my whole heart into everything I make and make sure I am always being myself! This is my dream and I hope my clients feel the aloha and see the quality and care and that's how I continue to grow and thrive!

Where does the name Hakus and Love come from?

I chose Hakus & Love because Haku means "weaver/to weave" and "crown" in Hawaiian. So essentially it means "to weave and love" or "crowns and love" and I just loved that. It felt perfect to tell others what I'm about before they even see my work!

Tropical Wedding Looks Featuring Hakus and Love

The aesthetics of your work is gorgeous! So elegant, tropical, and free spirited. Where does your inspiration come from? Are there are favorite florals you like working with?

My inspiration comes from my home here in California as well as my favorite place in the world, Kauai Hawaii. The ocean, the coast, the tropical lush. The sunshine, the scent, the rainbows. It's all so wonderful and inspiring to me. I love working with tropical orchids and garden roses, the perfect combo of everything I love.

Hakus and Love | Tropical Wedding Florals For Bride To Be

Like so many working in the event space, COVID19 has impacted business greatly. How has it been navigating business during this pandemic? Were there major challenges you had to overcome?

I definitely had to pull back on events, workshops, parties.. things like that, which was hard because I love bringing people together in that way! but I also felt like my business actually grew SO MUCH this past year and I had more orders than ever! I think people wanted to make the celebrations they could have, extra special and I'm so happy they came to me!!!

Any advice you can give to aspiring florists?

Be yourself!!! You are the only you there is. Listen to your intuition and do what you love! Also a business class is super helpful. Worth the investment for sure hahaha

Couple Spotlight

Couple Spotlight on Ran and Eileen

Despite the hardships we’ve been through this last year, love continues to blossom this spring! Instead of hiring models for our recent photoshoot we reached out to a couple we know that wasn’t able to have their wedding due to the pandemic. As things open back up we look forward to sharing in the magical celebrations like the one Eileen and Ran have planned for the future.

We spoke to Eileen and Ran about their dream wedding and gave Eileen several dress options to accommodate something both elegant and modern with a tropical beach twist. Here’s what they had to say about love and marriage:

Meeting Each Other: Ran and Eileen

First tell us a little about yourselves? How long have you been together and how did you meet?

We’ve known each other since high school. We aren’t the typical high school sweethearts because we started to date as he was graduating and I was becoming a senior. We went to homecoming together. While there, we started to know each other a bit more and I started to dig out more of his wonderful traits - falling in love with him as days went by.

Different Dresses Express Different Parts of Myself

Eileen, how did you feel in the dresses? Which one was your favorite and why?

I definitely like all of them. Each of the different styles carry out a different part of me. One could have shown the sexy me, while the other one could have shown the elegance and romance. And then there’s this one that I thought was very modern and empowered me.

It was a lot of fun just to try on different ones to begin with. And after a couple tries, I started to have an idea of what I wished for on my special day. I would probably say my favorite was Lynn but I definitely love Lexi as well. Lynn was probably the closest style to what I had in mind, although I dreamt of wearing a veil instead of the flower hair wreath. Overall, they turned out great!

Keep It Fun in your marriage for Happiness

Do you have any advice for other couples out there? For instance what steps do you take to ensure your love will last?

They say, “a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” This is exactly how I feel for our almost 20 years of relationship. As the pandemic hits, I think many people have also realized that things can change, can happen in the blink of an eye, in a snap of your fingers. Yes, we didn’t get to have our wedding because of the unforeseen lockdown and restriction on traveling; nonetheless, we got to spend more time together, getting to know each other and care for each other even more.

My best advice is to live in the moment and enjoy every minute, every second, and just have fun together. Hardships can always happen; we are already the lucky ones for having that other person there supporting us, holding our hands or simply just being with us. Things might not always be what we wish for but it is okay. Despite the days that he made me crazy and angry, I could never imagine a life without him. I am forever grateful to have him as my other half and he will always be cherished as my man, my boy, my one and only.

Which one's your favorite? Click the dresses below to see more:

Dress Lynn Dress Lexi
Dress Lynn Dress Lexi