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Who Pays for Bridesmaids Dresses & What's An Appropriate Budget?

It's an age-old tradition for a bride to have a bridesmaid party to accompany her on the big day. Although we have seen plenty of innovations at weddings, especially this year, the budget question is always in mind.

Bridesmaids Dress

Does the Bridesmaid Pay For Her Dress?

In most instances, the answer is yes. The bridesmaid usually foots the bill for her own dress. Although there are a few reasons why the budget fluctuates between one wedding to the next, as the bride-to-be, you should keep in mind what every bridesmaid can afford.

Usually, bridesmaid gowns are made to order and need to match an exact color palette. Newer trends have made it easier for bridesmaids to have more freedom on the budget. As mentioned in our previous blog post, the multi-color bridesmaid dress trend allows your party to choose the best style that suits their body shape and budget – as they can purchase it from any store or wedding boutique online.

Bridesmaids Dresses by Lasting Love Bridal

If a bride wishes to fulfill her wedding dreams with a set of bridesmaid gowns that are identical in style and color, most can be easily altered and range the same in price. Talking to others about money can be stressful or awkward. Although, it is an important conversation we should have in regard to wedding planning. Especially during this day and age, we need to make sure we can all meet halfway.

What Is an Appropriate Budget for a Bridesmaid Dress?

A quick search shows that the average bridesmaid dress costs about $150. Lucky for you, Lasting Love Bridal offers a price tag below that average. With 40 different colors to choose from per style, there are endless options for your wedding gown or bridesmaid dress when shopping online with Lasting Love Bridal.

What is usually unaccounted for is the price for alterations, hair, make-up, accessories, manicure and pedicure, and shoes to match the dress. This can quickly add up to about $300 or more per bridesmaid. So our best advice to you, as the bride or the wedding planner, is to keep it simple and keep the options open when it comes to style and color. Your friends and family can still have fun with their unique look and stay within budget.

Let the celebrations begin!