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Virtual Wedding Dress & Bridesmaid Dress Appointments

Virtual Appointments

Virtual appointments bring our expert stylists to you; we offer appointments for brides, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride, as well as accessories and at-home gown try-ons. Held via Zoom, your one-on-one appointment will include live shopping with a stylist. Check out the steps below to learn more!

We are currently closed on hiatus and not accepting any new appointments.

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We are currently closed on hiatus and not accepting any new appointments.

Shop Virtually With Our Wedding Stylist

Virtual wedding dress and bridesmaid dress appointments mean that our expert stylists come to you. At Lasting Love Bridal, we offer appointments for brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride. These appointments include accessories and an at-home gown try-on.

Whether you are trying to social distance or live out of state and cannot visit our Irvine Showroom in person, we can meet you via video call. This one-on-one appointment will include live shopping with a stylist in our showroom. So let's get started!

Virtual Appointments – For The Bride To Be

First thing's first, congratulations! You're getting married! Soon after setting a wedding date and reserving the venue, the journey begins. Shopping for a wedding dress should be as punctual as possible as there needs to be enough time to get fitted and have any required alterations made. Thus, you need to schedule an appointment with one of our stylists as soon as possible.

Select your appointment type (bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, etc.), choose the best available date and time, and then a Lasting Love Bridal staff member will get back to you with a confirmed appointment slot.

Next, tell us more about you! We want to know what you're looking for in terms of style, favorite color, and any dresses that have caught your eye from our collection. We will use this information to curate a group of gowns just for you, and we may also have additional suggestions.

Virtual Appointments – For The Bride Tribe

If you are the maid of honor, booking an appointment for the entire bride tribe would be best to get all the girls on the same meeting via video conference call. Having the full bridesmaids' squad for the virtual fitting will keep things going smoothly regarding dress style, color, etc. This will also help to confirm that our showroom has the styles and sizes available. If some of the sizes are missing, we will update you on when they can be made to order.

If you are a bridesmaid who has been given the option to choose your own dress style, as long as the color matches the wedding scheme, then you can book this appointment solo or invite another bridesmaid to join in!

Soon after you've confirmed your virtual appointment, a Lasting Love Bridal stylist will get in touch with you 24 hours before your scheduled booking with an appointment reminder and video call link via Zoom. If you don't have Zoom installed on your phone or computer, you can follow the email prompt to download it for free or use the "web browser" option to conduct the call from your computer, laptop, or iPad.

What to Expect During a Virtual Wedding Dress Consultation

Once we start the virtual wedding appointment, your stylist will first go over all the necessary details. For example, when your wedding will be taking place, what type of styles you're interested in, and what your timeline looks like for fitting, alterations if needed, etc. Once we confirm the details with you, we'll start shopping!

This virtual meeting will be conducted as if you're shopping one-on-one with a stylist leading the way – the only difference is that it's being guided through our website. Once we've gone through all your questions and nailed down a few looks and styles, our stylist will provide you with a detailed recap of the appointment.

Some may ask, "what's the point of scheduling a virtual appointment to shop online when I can look through the dresses myself?" You don't have to shop alone just because you're at home. With a personalized wedding dress stylist appointment from LLB, we'll shop the entire site with you over video call and answer any questions you may have.

It can be challenging to view the details from the photos online. Sometimes you may miss a particular detail, or you may want to know how a set of buttons work, etc. Our expert wedding stylists will help you navigate through each dress's intricate details and give you tips on which gown may fit best depending on body shape and style.

Here at Lasting Love Bridal, we are genuinely in love with all of our bridal dresses. We feel like they all have a unique look and can complement your personal style and body shape. View our Sizing Info page for more information and tips on measuring yourself.

Purchasing a wedding dress takes time and patience. One crucial reminder: this will be your forever gown, it will be in photos, and it will symbolize the union of holy matrimony between you and your spouse 'til death do you part. So, you want to make sure you pick the perfect wedding gown and ask all the questions you need while on your virtual appointment to make the best decision possible.

Wedding Dress Traditions – Ancient vs. Modern

Here's a fun fact – did you know that what is known as the traditional white wedding gown today wasn't considered popular until Queen Victoria of England wore one in 1840?

That's right, the usual wedding gown worn by most before 1840 was usually the best dress in the closet, no matter what color it was. If the bride did get to wear a brand new dress for her wedding ceremony, it was never put away after that. After that, the wedding dress was typically worn as a woman's Sunday's Best. It was uncommon to store clothing in the olden days, and the culture of "fast-fashion" did not exist.

So, let's dive into wedding traditions a bit more. Did you know that the wedding veil was said to be used for arranged marriages? Back in ancient times, a daughter would be considered a commodity, and thus when a family arranged a marriage with another family, the veil was used to cover the bride's face – since the bride and groom's first meeting would be at the altar. The veil was to protect the deal and prevent the groom from backing out if he didn't find the bride physically attractive.

In other cultures, a veil may be used to signify the bride's virtue. Nowadays, most brides use a veil as a way to accessorize their looks. Plus, if you ever want to wear a white veil, your wedding day would be the only socially acceptable time to do so in public. Plus, some brides prefer the veil to protect their make-up or to hide their running mascara after shedding tears of joy soon after the ceremony.

As the saying goes, "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue," this is believed to bring good luck to the marriage. Something old represents ties to the bride's family and her past, and something new represents a new life to come for both newlyweds. Something borrowed can be an old item from another person who is currently in a successful marriage and would be passing on that good luck. Something blue represents faithfulness, purity, and loyalty.

And finally, a wedding bouquet. This wedding tradition dates back to ancient times. It was believed that holding an aromatic bouquet would help ward off evil spirits as these ancient bunches included herbs, garlic, and spices. Some historians argue that wedding bouquets were probably used to prevent contracting the plague. Well, aren't we lucky not to have garlic in our modern-day bouquets? Today, a wedding bouquet is viewed as an accessory to match the wedding theme and include the bride's favorite flowers.

As traditions change over time, from Queen Elizabeth's prolific wedding gown in 1840 to colorful wedding dresses commonly used today, it's no secret that every bride wants to be unique on such a special occasion. Taking new wedding trends into consideration, this is why we include different colors in our wedding line at Lasting Love Bridal.

Wedding Dress Colors 2022

Our wedding gowns are available in the traditional white or ivory colors, but we also have blushing white, grey, or champagne color wedding gowns. Each wedding dress is made with ultra-flattering fits accessible to brides and their parties.

We use the best fabrics and add the most one-of-kind details. At LLB in Orange County, our goal is to make your dream dress selection as easy and flawless as possible. So which gown is suitable for you?

First things first, in what color wedding dress do you picture yourself walking down the aisle? Are you feeling a classic white or ivory gown? Perhaps you want a bit of a vintage touch? Then you should consider one of our champagne gowns. As it becomes more and more common to wear non-traditional wedding dress colors, we have added a blushing pink and grey wedding gown to our collection.

Bridesmaids Dress Trends 2022

Whether it's your maid of honor, matron of honor, or bridesmaid group, the color and style of their dresses will help complement your wedding gown. As everyone knows, a wedding is costly. As the bride, make sure you look into affordable options for the bridesmaids. If you will be lenient with the style and cut of the bridesmaid dress, but prefer matching colors, make sure you order a color swatch from all the shops you have in mind. Requesting color swatch samples will guarantee that the bridesmaid's gowns will match.

While you shop with Lasting Love Bridal through a virtual (online) appointment for bridesmaid dresses, you can talk to our stylist about stitching and hems. During the online meeting, you can ensure that the bridesmaids' dress you pick will have material that allows for alterations.

Choose Lasting Love Bridal for Your 2022 Gown

Our experienced staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect wedding dress. Plus, we offer exclusive deals for bridesmaid dresses and offer free shipping nationwide on all orders over $200. Get in touch with us today!